Our Skins

Our Design

Antiba was founded in 1987 as a tannery specializing in goat skin production. Over the years, the company has always internalized all the production processes with the goal to guarantee a consistent quality level and flexibility when offering both classic and fashion leathers.
Antiba has established itself as a leader in the production of goatskins. Since 1992, it included patent calf skins in its catalog, soon ranking itself as a reliable and loyal supplier for important luxury brands to this day.

Following its experience in the calf supply market, in 2015 Antiba decided to invest in a new finishing technology called ALT (Advanced Leather Technology), which allowed it to further differentiate the offer of finished leathers.


Antiba is known for producing madras goat leather, so called because of its origin, the ancient Madras (today Chennai, India), where it is tanned using vegetable tannins, especially the myrobalan. From this ancient, traditional, and sustainable tannage, it is possible to make metal-free products for footwear and leather goods.

Over time, Antiba’s selling offer has included chrome-tanned calfskin to make elegant articles for luxury brands.

Classic Goat Skin

A wide variety of articles are treated in a way to keep both look and natural features of sheep skins unchanged.

Fashion Goat Skin

The constant search for new finishing our skins results in a wide selection of fashion leathers, such as laminated, embossed, dégrade, metal effects, iridescent, etc.


The company, which started as a tannery specializing in goat skins, chose to differentiate the production with half-calf manufacturing, which comes from accurately selected suppliers in order to ensure that the material has highly qualitative and technical performance for footwear and leather goods.

Classic Calves

Starting from full grain, Antiba develops articles with a soft touch, silkiness, brightness, and see-through, as in the classic box calf.

Fashion Calves

Fashion calf leathers are studied and developed in synergy with customers and based on the newly available finishing techniques. This way, it is possible to obtain pearl-like, laminated, and metallic calves, or with specific animations and applications.

Tailor Made

Product customization is at the core of our work.
Each leather comes from an accurate study and sharing of materials that turn into unique articles, with specific colors and features to meet the fashion needs of the final customer.
For this reason, the machines inside the experimental tannery, including a plotter for graphic printing and a robot, are well suited to enrich the offer of highly customized leathers.