To deliver added value to customers through innovative, high quality, Italian - style products.

To be recognised as one of the most professional and reliable tanneries in the world. The competitive national and international context is now a worldwide arena, and as a company we must devote all our efforts to providing what our customers demand in terms of products and services, with a streamlined, flexible structure.


The guiding principles for everyone who works for Antiba are:

closer to the customer

to bring the tannery closer to the customer to reduce response time lead times and improve levels of service;


to constantly strengthen contacts for acquiring raw hides


to increase our production capacity to meet company objectives;


to respect the environment for the common good;


to act appropriately to safeguard personal health and safety and that of colleagues and associates.


Relationships both internal and external are based on fundamental values such as competence, respect and reciprocal loyalty, and in view of growing demands from high-fashion brand clients  for products that conform to the requirements of various supply specifications, Antiba has decided to set up an internal laboratory so that tests can be carried out quicker. We have therefore invested in specialist equipment and staff training to carry out internal testing: this
this activity was established in January 2013 when the LABORATORY TEST ANTIBA, was set up; a private laboratory with UNI EN ISO 9001 and ICEC TS-406 certification, where we are able to monitor the quality of leather products with a wide range of equipment and by tests of various types: chemical, physical and fastness tests (eg. xenotest, dynamometer, veslic, penetrometer, martindale, crockmeter, lastometro, fleximeter, abrasimeter), carried out by qualified staff in an environment where the ambient conditions are kept under constant review in accordance with required standards.


With the activities that we carry out in respect of clients, suppliers and the market, we have always aimed for the best possible commercial balance in order to maintain the excellent reputation, precision and integrity that epitomises the Antiba brand.
For the same reason we also installed the “Xtannery” management system on the AS400 platform with which we can guarantee to track the goods we sell with consignments of raw hides that we receive.
When the raw hides arrive, Antiba links them to a particular consignment with a recording system based on progressive numbering, and recording all data from the invoice (supplier, date of arrival, provenance, quantity, price, selection, etc.). When the first round of processing is started on a hide, a tag is created with a unique, progressive number that accompanies the hide all the way to the despatch warehouse. The tag contains all the information from the original batch, the cycle of treatment and the properties of the item identified during processing, such as size, thickness, etc. After the item has undergone the required stages of treatment, it is selected and measured in the despatch warehouse. The warehouse operatives finalise the tag and prepare the delivery note and/or sales invoice for the client.
Tracking of all goods purchased, processed and subsequently sold remains on our computer records. Details from the relevant delivery note, processing tag and batch number for all raw hides that we purchase can be viewed at any time on the computer system.




Delegation and teamwork increase staff motivation. The wealth of knowledge, skill, passion for the finished product and personal performance are the foundation on which the company image and reputation are built.

Eagerness to overcome challenges in the market

The Antiba group is a dynamic group with a long-standing tradition of experience and skill, capable of overcoming major challenges and with a strong desire to continue expanding in the international market.